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Returns & exchanges

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  • Time of issue:2020-12-30 14:50:41
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Returns & exchanges

All pictures are taken by professional photographers in kind. Due to different reasons such as lighting, color deviation of display, personal understanding of color and so on, there may be some differences between the real object and the pictures. This kind of problem is not a quality problem, please take the real object as the standard. All products are measured and weighed by hand. There may be some errors in the actual data. Please understand. Some products have hand-made process, which is not completely consistent with the same products. Some products have obvious signs of aging, which is normal.

Handicrafts belong to special goods. Please open the box and check the goods before signing for receipt. If the products are damaged, please take photos and send them to customer service for handling. Handle them according to the situation. If the goods arrive at the local place and refuse to sign for no reason, it is necessary to bear the relevant costs of interception and return. If the goods are not returned due to quality problems or no reason, the customer shall bear the return freight; When returning goods, the original package should be complete. If there is no package, it will be rejected. If it affects the secondary sales, it also needs to bear the renovation cost.

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